Thursday, October 8, 2009

Refused to Pose

He would have none of it. Not happening. There wasn't even the most minuscule, remote chance that Collin was going to pose for a blog picture in his work apron. He was so closed minded when I asked him. But now that you see me in it, you can surely imagine how adorable he looks.

He has been so glad to hang up his clod-stomping work boots in exchange for the black apron and Guest Check tablet. He has done outdoor work for years. Cleaning stalls, weed wacking, mowing during allergy season, enduring the rain and cold, sweating out the hottest summer days ... he was ready to move up to less-manual labor. Now he is taking dinner orders from the most aged in our community at an assisted living facility near the college. He is still getting to know the old people he is serving. The other day a married couple was sitting at a table together. He went up to take their order and the old lady said (use your best old lady voice when you read this!), "Hi. My name is Marilynn and this is Bob and you spell Bob with only one 'o'."

Okay ... side note. In China, all the cute Chinese girls would make the sideways "v" hand sign in pictures. (Like I'm doing in Collin's apron.) Here is a picture from China with the waitresses doing it:Try it next time someone wants your picture. It's all the rage in China. (smile)


SRE said...

Hmm...but their palms are facing out, yours in. I think you need to practice some more ;0


Kristine said...

You are so right! I hadn't noticed. I'll work on it!

Sharon said...

HI! I just found you blog and enjoyed reading your posts about your China trip and you time at Philip Hayden Foundation. I sponsor Tristan there! I have been following Kaisha's and Annie's blogs for a while now. It is nice to "meet" you!

Kristine said...

Hi Sharon! So nice to meet you! Tristan is a walking doll! He wins everyone over within just minutes. He is so smart. Kaisha has mentioned you before and I've seen you leave notes on her blog. How fun to have PHF in common. Maybe you can be Kaisha's next travel-to-China partner! Thanks for leaving a comment.

Annie said... your China pose, Kristine! :) Now you just need to learn how to hover over your customers as they eat and point and giggle at the funny foreigners who come in! :)