ALittleBitTattered * Jewelry

Mia and I set up this new page on my blog for local people and friends who have been asking about buying our jewelry. We've randomly posted pictures of some of the pieces we have finished. 
Read this to learn how our jewelry adventure started.
We can change/swap different bead colors or types to make the combination you love. We are also glad to take special orders to use the words that mean the world to you. If you would like to buy something, email me at
I can gift ship it for you with a card if you add $3. You can pop a check in the mail to me or I can give you my Paypal account for payment options.

Necklaces with one piece of copper: $12
two pieces of copper: $17
three pieces of copper: $22

Note: copper oxidizes, but the sparkle is easily brought back with a little polish.

A special order made for a friend.

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