Friday, October 9, 2009

Who gets to name paint colors, anyway?

I've been pouring over paint colors. Trying to find the miracle color that makes the too-much-yellow-in-the-oak kitchen cabinets less noticeable. I'm two sample colors into it and no luck so far. I think a degree in interior design would come in handy right now.

So, we're toying, or I should say that we've been toying with the idea of moving into town. We've lived the past 8 years in the [put your favorite superlative here] five acres in the county. It's been the best. Quiet. Private. Beautiful. We've done all the country living things. Goats. Chickens. Gardens. Flower beds. Fruit trees. The kids have lived it up. Volleyball. Forts. Bike trails. Ladder bridges. Zip line. Pools. Trampoline. And the memories in the cabin! It's been a dream.

So, why move into town? It takes a lot of man power to maintain five acres! There is the constant Battle of the Blackberries. The huge lawn. Weeds. Mud in the winter. The property is just a lot of work. Then there is the distance. To go anywhere is at least a 15 minute drive, usually more. (I realize that 15 minutes is nothing to those who commute in Seattle ... that's ... um, their problem.) It takes 45 minutes to take Alissa to swim practice and come home again. We think we would rather do other things then mow big lawns and drive so far. We would just love to be closer to work, church, friends, etc. Maybe even walk to the grocery store or library! Then there is the neighborhoods.

Coffee. I really liked the paint color named "coffee", but it just didn't work either. You know, I bet someday, in some cold, corporate office a cranky cost-cutting executive is going to write up pink slips for all the Paint Namers he employs. It will all be over. We will go to buy paint and instead of Shutter Brown and Timber Dust and Coconut Milk and Vanilla Steam, it will just be numbers. Cold, cranky, cheap numbers. Color 001, 002, 003 etc. We'll all wonder what this world is coming to. And maybe even just paint our houses white inside. Which just might put Martha Stewart magazine out of business. And what would we do waiting in line to pay for our groceries if there is no Martha Stewart magazines to look at? Our lives are so much richer because of the paint namers.

*Sigh* I love paint names. And I think I want to live in town.


Brenda said...

How's the Kilim Beige treating you? Does it match your carpet, clothing, furniture? Does it make a natural looking highlight in your hair? Paint always seems to end up in my hair.

Kristine said...

I love it!! Thanks for solving my problem!