Wednesday, July 6, 2011

These Guys

Two of my uncles. I feel sorry for people with lame uncles. Mine have always been the coolest.

The one on the right, he runs and bikes up mountains and competes against fast guys and wins. He's mr handy man amazing. He can replace floors and counter tops and build stuff and add onto his house. I remember the day I figured out how totally cool he is. I was in grade school and he was the drum major of the BHS marching band and they marched around the circle at my school. MY uncle was the guy in the front with the tall hat helping every other band person to play right. He gave me a ring for Christmas one year when I was little. It recently showed up out of nowhere and I've been wearing it again.

The one on the left, he cares about people that live in the middle of nowhere (like on the Amazon River) and spends a lot of his time trying to bring them a better life. You could dump a box of scrap metal and nuts and bolts on a table and he could build an outboard motor out of them. About 15 years ago I lived in Olympia and ended up really sick and in the hospital for 4 days and I was really sad from a bunch of hard things that had happened, he called to tell me that everything would be ok and that he was praying for me.

They call me by a family nickname. They are my mom's little brothers. They were there the night my dad died. I was there the night their dad died. They are laid back and easy going and nice. They would do anything for my mom. I earned much of my sense of humor from growing up listening to them joke and tell stories over Thanksgiving pie. They're the best.

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tara said...

I love that! So fun to hear about more of your life this way...

It's too bad they don't look much alike.