Friday, July 8, 2011

Graduation, Graduation Party

He did it. He graduated. Twice at once. From high school and from WCC with his AA degree. He also has his nursing prerequisites finished. In the fall he'll be starting on some classes that will be required to get into the UW (or whatever school) for his BSN later. Statistics, anyone? I'd say he's pretty amazing for being a mere 18 years into his life.

So we had a party. We had his helicopter flying, sensible friend that I would send my baby to the moon and back with. Hi Dylan.

We had the gangster version of his friends. Xbox professionals.
Nice guys that look bad. 
Hi Josh. Hi Cody.

We had the cliff jumping, mountain climbing, 120mile running, Grant person that lives in a closet in our basement.

Then the friend that lives down the road and drives a cool car. Hi Nathan.
The Navy Seal friend that will be saving our country from bad guys this fall. Hi Braden.

The married friend that comes late wearing pink girl socks...confidently. 
Hi Andrew.
A lot more distinctly interesting, fine young men that didn't make it into the pictures. (Sorry. Photographer's bad.)  

 And all the girls. What's a party without girls?

 And a spazzy sister.

 And a heap of chocolate cake.

 And old friends, Michelle & Mark.

And Cody & Kaisha. 
(btw: thanks for barbequing the burgers, Cody,
and cleaning the kitchen at midnight, Kaish!)

 Cousin Kahlan & Uncle Kevin here from Jersey!

 And a fine showing of the relatives! Clarks flock to food and festivities. 
Even Hannah from Chicago! with her mom, Janet.

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tara said...

Fun, fun, fun! Congratulations, Collin!! You are awesome!! So sorry we missed the party, and we didn't even get to camping which was the first reason we couldn't make it!?!

Happy graduation!