Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Eye Works for Him

On the trampoline in Scansen's backyard in Billings, MT
Haircut by Kaisha & Hannah S.
Photo by Kristine
Irresistibility by God

This little girl is all energy. Good energy. And sometimes not so good. But mostly good. She gets frustrated by her own limitations. Just like me. She gets tired and worn out and bored. So do I. She has things to say but she can't always get us to understand. That happens to me. She's completely unique, but just like the rest of us. But she definitely has more battery life than I do. She can run circles around me.

My friends, and Alissa's friends, and Kaisha's friends, (and Collin's friends would be welcome too ...) have been coming over to hang out with Ania and work with her. The one on one time is doing amazing things for her. One of the older kids said the other day, "Is it just me...or has Ania been amazingly mature lately?" I'm beyond thankful for every minute that others spend with her and for the time it gives me to get caught up on other things. (Call me if you want to join Team Ani-girl.)

Her bedtime happinesses are still overall heading in the right direction. She passed her hearing test at the university with flying color and incredible bravery. She loves hanging out with her newfound amazing Uncle Kevin. The new hairdo was an impromptu great decision followed by not a drop of regret. She was born to ride 14 hours straight through on driving trips. And she LOVES camping and the outdoors.
 At Uncle Dick and Aunt Karen's property on the Clearwater River in eastern WA

 With her Uncle Kevin. 
On the drive every 15 minutes she would call out from the back seat, "Uncle Kevin..." And he would say to her, "Hey, baby." That was it. Just double checking that he was still in the front seat.
 Pink Puppy in Winthrop. He has issues.
But she loves him ruthlessly despite them. 


Annie said...

I love her haircut!! And if I ever move up closer your way I will totally sign up for team Ani!! I love her!! <3

Rambling Tart said...

Love her darling hair cut :-) And love especially that she has such a good, kind man to call her baby. I'm so glad you have lovely folks to pitch in and help you and love on your girl. :-)