Friday, April 8, 2011

Total Fun

Last Post Continued:
So Kaisha brought me home after our fabulous day together and there were a bunch of cars in the driveway. Always, always a good sign! I love it when Collin's friends hang out. And that's usually what extra cars mean. 

We get in the house and not only were the usual guys there, but some favorite extra people. We stand around and chat in the kitchen and I find out they're all there for me. 

Later I pieced this together: Dylan planned the whole thing. Made all the phone calls, picked the date and time, bought the DQ ice cream cake!, and ... get this ... came over early and spent the afternoon CLEANING MY HOUSE while I was out with Kaisha! Even the stairs were vacuumed! 

The occasion: I had finished a really tough three months of school and they came to celebrate. Note that many of them had finished hard classes too, but being old must count for extra. 

We at ice cream cake (to die for). 

We went down to the basement and played poker and Halo until 1AM. 
Both of which I stink at, but I try.
The take away: Dylan is AMAZING!
Favorite people: Andrew, Abigail, Alissa, Braden, Cody, Collin, Dylan, Grant, Kaisha, Mia and Ania

Thanks for the party!

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Annie said...

That must have been SUCH a wonderful treat for you! I'm so happy you got to be well pampered and celebrated after a job well done! I often wish I was close enough to come over and help you clean your house or watch the littles or make you dinner or just do whatever I could to help lift a burden for you right now. Know that you are totally in my thoughts and prayers regardless of the distance!! <3 <3 <3