Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Her Random Influence

 A few weeks ago Kaisha texted (because we don't talk other than in person) and said she was planning a day together. Just the two of us. All day. Nothing but fun. Random. Unplanned but planned. It was the best news. Our day went like this:
Coffee at Avellino's downtown. They make their own carmel. The best carmel latte I've ever had. Two guys studying Grudem's Systematic Theology at a table (impressed.) Great people watching. Local event posters all over the walls. Clouds painted on the blue sky ceiling. All the time in the world.

 Then next door to see the fancy, totally cool, earthy clothes. We could easily spend a thousand dollars each in 30 minutes. Where's the lottery when you need it? Then to the Black Pearl. No, The Black Market. No. The Purple Elephant? Dang. I cannot retain the name for anything, but we tried on heaps of used, funky clothes. We each bought a couple things. Then to another thrift store. And another. My find of the day: an old fashioned ice cream scoop for twenty-five cents.
 Then to Trader Joes. Bought lunch. Smuggled it into the theater and watched The King's Speech together. We sat in the back row because Dustin says you must. Two hours in the dark, engrossed in the problems of a duke rather than our own. So relaxing.
 Next we went to Fred Meyers and bought three cheap bottles of nail polish and toilet paper (they had been out for three days?) and went to her house. We sat on the couch painting our toenails and watched an hour in the middle of Pride and Prejudice (the six hour one). She tore me away from Mr. Darcy and took me to a park I've never been to. We watched the sun work on setting.
It was windy. There were railroad tracks and a sign warning us of the perils of stepping onto the tracks, lest we die. Which totally freaked me out. But being either courageous or stupid, we stood on them anyway for a freezing cold photo shoot in the wind. She showed me another park, which felt like a secret park, that I had never been to. New places to hang out. Loved it. Then home. (British accent like in Winnie the Pooh...) And upon arriving home at half past eight, whom should we find but ...

I'll tell you in the next post. It was amazing and shocking and perfect.


RamblingTart said...

Love, love, love it!! What a perfectly splendid day for two perfectly splendid ladies. :-)

Through the Sea Glass said...

AHHH what a BLAST! I can't wait to hang with you cool girls :) I LOVELOVELOVE the toms :)

Abbie said...

What darling photos...I love the adventure you went on together!!! So cute.

Annie said...

Kaisha is the bestest at planning randomly epic adventures...I SO wish I was closer to hang out with BOTH of you gals more! <3

tara said...

What a fun day out. Super cute pictures. You are both amazing!