Friday, November 5, 2010

October Ends in Parties

Complete failure as a mom. Not one picture did I take of Collin's 18th birthday party. Which kind of goes with not having a single picture of Collin's 1st birthday party either. *sigh* But trust me, his party was the best. Picture this. A room full of guys ... maybe 15 of them. Three large screen TVs and three Xboxs set up in the middle of the room facing outward different directions, the guys sitting in a circle around them, eyes all glued to the TVs. Endless pizza, soda, and ice cream. It was brilliant. Guys know how to throw a party!

Carving Pumpkins
Trunk or Treat
Free candy and Mia is in! She knows the value of a penny and a good chocolate. Grandma Judy took the girls to Christ the King's Trunk or Treat. She said it was amazing. One hundred cars all lined up in the parking lot with their trunks open, grocery carts full of candy given to each trunk, and thousands of kids going from trunk to trunk collecting the candy. Car owners all dressed up. Safe. Fun. Amazing. I stayed home and studied stoichiometry (which has to be one of the coolest words in the English language.)
Then the Halloween party came to our house. Enter two beautiful vampires, Molly and Katie, loaded with everything needed to entertain 15 or 20 people until midnight. I did nothing but open and close the door. I failed to take enough pictures but here are a few. Kaisha dressed up as Pam from the Office ... it was perfect!
Dylan, the mad scientist
Be sure to ask him what his name was. It was the icing on the outfit!
Have you seen the cover to the latest Skillet album? 
It was perfect. 


Anonymous said...

FUN! So much FUN! I want to be invited the teens parties next year. I'll wear a mask, no one will know! :) I love that all you have to do is open and close the door and the party happens--that is perfect. Hugs to you friend!

Jessica said...

Jimmy should have come trick or treating to your house! What fun!