Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tenth Avenue North


Our ChinaFriend, Annie came with us!

They don't know it, but we're pretty much their best friends. I mean us and Mike, Jeff, Jason and even Reuben, the new guy. Jeff calls Collin "dude" when they talk. And Mike writes a lot of his songs based off of my most agonizing moments in life. Reuben doesn't know it, but he's going to marry Kaisha. And, Jason, well, he's funny so we like him too. So, you see, we're tight. The band and the four of us. 

Have you ever read Mike's blog? If not, you've missed out. 
Do you own their two albums? If not, buy them now. 
If not buying them now then at least find Hold My Heart on youtube and listen to it ten times.
Have you seen them in concert? You must. It was so much fun (except the standing for three hours part) and perfectly loud and full of worship and bright blue lights and pointing you toward grace and truth in Christ. We bought the tickets a couple months ago and going together was so fantastic after a hard week. My favorite part was when, before the concert, Collin had turned around and was standing there looking at the mass of people, and a girl, sitting behind him on the floor, was taking a picture of herself with her camera, and then at the last second flipped the camera around and took a picture of Collin instead! Ha! Kaisha saw the whole thing. He's so cute even stranger-girls want to remember his face!

And, really. Honest. You need these guys in your life. I'm sure of it.


Amanda said...

Wooo.... Collin youve got the girls folloing you EVERYWHERE!

Annie said...

That was the fun-nest night EVER!!! Who can we go see next?

Brenda said...

So glad you got to see them. Just wish I cudda come with you guys!

tara said...

I am so glad (and jealous) that you got to go see them in concert!!! I love them too, thanks to you! Talk about an encouraging, pick me up and draw me to the Lord group!