Monday, October 25, 2010

There's a Swimmer in the House

First, you should know, that swimmers don't mind pictures of themselves in swim caps and goggles, water dripping off your ears and chin. It's totally cool. 

Last week was the last and biggest swim meet of the year. Squalicum vs. Sehome, both undefeated teams. Both hungry for the state championship in a few weeks. The girls were so excited and so eager to win. Alissa really wanted to swim her best. She did a fantastic job. 

She swam 2 individual events. I can only remember the 500 free right now. She has only swum, (has swimmed, has swam, has swim, swam, swum) this race a handful of times and its a really tricky race to learn how to pace. She used to fuss, or maybe it was fear, swimming the 200's. So to see her eager to tackle this 500 this fall has been really neat to watch. She was very happy with her time.

The amazing part to watch at this meet was to see her climb out of the water after the 500 free, and turn right around and swim anchor in a 200 free relay! And her time was incredible. It wasn't too long ago that she was able to get this race in the 27 seconds. Her coach timed her split at 26.5ish. To get her time in the 26's was so amazing. Especially after having no recovery time from the 500. To qualify for the state meet in the 50 free you have to have 26.1 seconds or less. She is so close!

Squalicum won the meet!

What's next? Districts!!
She qualified for districts in almost every individual event she swam this season. 
Go get 'em, Lis!


Annie said...

Wow...way to go, Alissa!

tara said...

Good job, Alissa! You are amazing!