Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just Now, and a While Before

I'm tired. And I should be sleeping. But when you haven't blogged for a week somehow blogging ends up the priority over sleep. Or at least it should if you have any sense. And I'm sure it helps you sleep sounder in the end anyway.

Today Mia and Ania had shots. After over 8 years someone finally noticed that their Hep B shots which were given in Korea were too close together. I talked to the doctor's office and decided to get them a booster. And flu shots while we were at it. Mia watches and doesn't flinch. Ania is appropriately shocked and goes into fight or flight mode pretty quickly. They got suckers. So we're all good.

Today were parent/teacher conferences. I love the girls' teachers. Mia is smart. I knew that. But now we have standardized test after test to prove it. Since I can't take any of the credit for her intelligence, I'll just give it to you straight and you won't take it as boasting. One reading test (DPR) says that at her grade level, the score should be between 34-38. Hers was 72+. The plus was because she didn't get any wrong so they don't really know where her level actually is. Another reading test (SRI) says that third grade kids should score between 500-800 by the end of the school year. Her score is 1116. It's like this in math too. The MAP grade level standard is 189-198. Hers is 209, which, according to the teacher is "very, very high." What does it all mean? That I don't need to feel badly about it when she watches too many cartoons on TV.

The good news is: I asked her teachers if she comes across prideful or snooty about it in any way with the other kids. Yay! Not at all. On the contrary, she is one of the "most kind, modest children in the classroom." And so far she's not being teased about it either. Ahhh. Oh, speaking of being teased. They had a multicultural lesson which inspired one boy to later call Mia a "frickin Asian." When I asked her if that hurt her feelings she said, "Well, no, because he called Graydon a "frickin European". And rumor is, the boy got in big trouble. So, we're all good and Mia knows its cool to be Asian.

And to my fellow homeschool moms. You must resist all temptation to say the obvious thing. Why is she in public school when she is so far ahead and is, most likely, not being challenge to her capabilities? I'm tired just now. So, I'm just going to give you the bottom line answer ... the Lord has her here and right now it is the perfect place. Honestly, I am thankful beyond words that He knew what was coming and had my sweet girls in just the right place at the right time. And she is being challenged, actually. So, no worries.

Ania is doing great too. But in Ania sort of ways. She has a very sweet, high energy, amazingly perfect Kindergarten teacher. They agree with me, that the most consistent thing about Ania's progress is her inconsistency. I would pay good money to get inside her darling little head for a couple days just to unravel the mystery of her. This past month or two have been very hard on her and it's showing up in the classroom. She needs almost continual one on one attention to do the academic stuff right now.  I'm seeking help from every possible source in the school. I know of 7 staff people, off the top of my head, that I've had long conversations with about Ania's progress and when they walk into a room of 20 kids, they will know her, seek her out, and have huge hearts to help her. Please pray for her. For her sleep, her sense of security, her emotional selfness :), her learning. And for me to know when to be patient and just hold her and love on her and when to be patient and require her to tow the line. Honestly, I've never been so thankful for kid specialists as I am these days.

Alissa and bff, Grace. Cute back then. Cute today. These girls need to be in the same room for a few days. They miss each other. I miss them for them.

Alissa had her SQHS Swim and Dive Team Awards Dessert Banquet tonight. I am SO proud of her! Think with me ... her first year in public school. (eeeek!) Her first year in high school. (eeeek!) She knows only about 5 people in the school the day she starts. (eeeek!) She's never had real teachers and real homework and real grades. (eeeek!) Add a high school sport to your first quarter of school. Not just a friendly high school sport that has 5 practices a week, but a mean sport with 8 practices a week, three of which are before school. In the dark. Throw in a nasty flu the week of districts. And, on top of all of that, add the sadness of her daddy moving out and filing for divorce. Not exactly a recipe for success.

But she did it! She finished the swim season with great success. She swam at districts in two events. One placing 2nd (relay she swam 50 free in) and one ... um ... 7th? Yes, I think 7th in 50 free individual event. Oh, and she swam the 500 free at districts too. She could really feel her fatigue from the flu in that race, but she did well in it too! I'm always sooooo glad that I fanaggled my schedule to be able to watch her swim. Districts were in Anacortes for 2 days.

Tonight at the awards ceremony she received two honors. One is that she lettered for VARSITY! As a freshman! Amazing! And the other was for Outstanding Scholastic Award. She maintained a 3.5 or above GPA during the sport season! She has also squeezed in girls' Bible study, Young Life meetings, and youth group.

The girl is not only fast, but smart too! I'm so proud of you, Alissa!!

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