Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Team, Same Swimmer

If one blog post constitutes a trend, then, LOOK! I'm back.

And I have to start with a new swim report on Alissa. For some of you that aren't into athletic details, just know that she is swimming faster than before. Now you don't have to keep reading.

In July she was chosen by her BBST coach to receive the Most Improved Swimmer award for 2009-2010! Her coach said amazingly kind and detailed things about Alissa's swimming and how she had taken off the past 6 months. She described one swim meet when the two coaches looked up from their table to see a BBST swim cap way out ahead of the other swimmers. They looked at each other and asked, "Who is that?" It was Thomas. In a year and a half she went from knowing 2 strokes and barely being able to swim the 25 yard length of the pool without putting her feet down to ... well ... this:

She is taking a 3 month break from swimming with BBST so that she can swim with the Squalicum High School Girls Swim & Dive team. She had her first meet yesterday and swam 2 individual events and two relays. She made district qualifying times in two races! As a freshman. At her first meet. The newspaper report made mention of some "promising freshmen" on the team. That would be Alissa and her friend Maddie, who also made district qualifying times.

It is going to be a busy few months for her. Daily afternoon practice for 2 hours and three times a week 6AM dry land practices. Tomorrow they practice up at WWU's pool. Two swim meets next week! Let the fun begin! Go, Alissa!!


Through the Sea Glass said...

AHH! SOO proud of her...My Cousin Kelly Runestrand is a legend least I think so :) was..she is now swimming for NMSU New Mexico State...YAYA!!! Soo glad you are on squalicum and not sehome.!! (sp?hah)

Brenda said...

This is just really sooooooo cool for Lissie! Thanks for blogging on it Kaish!

Amanda said...

When you are famous and rich and stuff for your mad swimming skills, will you please still remember me? Pleeeeease!

Leslie said...

That is so cool! Way to go.