Friday, August 6, 2010

The Lazy Blogger

Its a good thing that blogging isn't cooking dinner or doing laundry or I would certainly be in jail for negligence. It's been a month since I last posted. But I haven't felt guilty. Lots of very important things have happened in our home since my last blog post.

Such as the day we were at the beach and Mia said, in total seriousness, "Mom, when I bite my tongue, I see people in yellow."

Or the day Kaisha started her new job after being home from Europe only ten days.

Or the amazing way Kaisha and Nicole fell upon their new *little* rental house that they'll be moving into soon!

Maybe the greatest boon has been that Ania is starting to watch TV. Of course, I'll just admit it up front, that Kaisha wasn't allowed to know that motion pictures even existed until she was about 12, but things are different now. I actually offered the older kids MONEY if they would somehow TEACH Ania to watch TV. She has never sat in front of the TV for more than a few minutes and actually been babysat by it. She is more of the follow-my-mom-around-all-day-and-require-her-moment-by-moment-attention sort of child. Which isn't all bad, except when you want to use the bathroom, talk on the phone, or even just have a clear thought. Enter annoying chipmunk movie. She laughs and laughs. It's delightful.

I bought two of these little mugs in China last summer and love them. I love Starbucks. And mugs. So, especially Starbucks mugs. I'm so excited that I've had the China mugs for a year and nobody's broken them yet. Kaisha brought home the England/Scotland sets from Europe for me. I was so surprised. I love them! One day when NewSonAndi was over, he noticed the set and asked if I would like some from Germany. AndiSon came back from Europe 2 days ago and today he brought presents. Awwwww. Germany mugs for me!
He brought this little shot glass from his grandma's house for Collin. He said it's really old. And he brought German chocolate and candies for everybody! If I wasn't so busy, I would start the adoption process right now. I love that boy.
The picture I actually wanted to post is one that doesn't exist. That is: Collin (Yes, they spelled his name wrong.) in his scrubs! White pants! He has to wear white pants! He walks in the door, goes straight to his room, and changes out of them immediately. The shirt is brown so that helps. He started clinicals this week. He is assigned to a little old person in a nursing home. Other than that, I can't tell you anything because he obeys HIPAA laws. Six of his 18 summer school credits are the NAC classes at the tech school. This is a requirement for applicants to the RN program at WCC. I'm amazed and totally impressed with how he's doing with his truckload of summer school classes.

Seventeen days until Alissa starts swimming with the Squalicum High School swim team. Tomorrow she has a meet in Marysville with BBST. She has been to 8 practices this week.She loves it. Works so hard at it. Post coming about an award she won! I'm so proud of my girl.


tara said...

Love it. Love it all!! Have you read the "Humphrey" books about a hamster in a classroom??? You need to. Humphrey calls the kids names like you called NewSonAndi! Like, RaiseYourHandJill, or, SpeakUpMatt. I'll read you some on Wednesday. Thanks for posting! Don't stop...

Through the Sea Glass said...

Love it too!!! Love your mugs, I have a collection as well, mugs in general..i know sarah collects those kinds though. Good for Collin and Kaisha!!! Sorry about poor Bretts work schedule. Praying for you all.

Through the Sea Glass said...

psss my cousin Kelly RUnestrand is a semi legend there at squalicum...shes now swimming for New Mexico State. SO proud.