Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stuff Happening

Kaisha is home. Three months in Europe. Hundreds of pictures. Presents for the family. Stories and tidbits of cool facts. A long list of new friends. I'm loving spending time with her again! We're finding good excuses to sneak off together. Like the deep need to try on the dresses at REI that we saw in the ad. You'll be glad to know that she did not come home with an accent. And she did not come home engaged. But she does have the coolest pair of Wellington boots you ever did see!
Random other stuff:

The other day one of the kids said, "Mom, when I bite my tongue and it really hurts and I see people in yellow." I love kids.

We ordered grass. The roll out kind. And a guy with a dirt moving machine. And 25 yards of top soil. And rocks and stuff. Yard will be here in a couple weeks.

New-son-Andi left for Germany today.

Collin is up to his knees in 18 credits of summer school. If you ever want to pretty much ruin your summer, take 18 credits.

We really love our neighbors across the driveway.

Collin is running sound at church this morning. He does it about once a month.

Last week Alissa went to 9 swim practices. This week only 3.

We had a bbq for Kaishy the first night she was home. Seventeen friends, not including us. Three Capernwray peeps! Hamburgers, watermelon and 'I have never'.

Me? I love my yellow sweatshirt. I can't seem to remember to buy mouthwash at the store. My neck and back are giving me heck. And I love the picture with this post. I took it at Boulevard Park last week. That shell was just sitting on the rock like that with the sun shining through it just begging for someone to take its picture.