Sunday, July 4, 2010


So Ania comes into our room one morning and announces that she wants Converse. Tennis shoes. Now. Will I take her shopping to the mall. Now. And if you know anything about Ania, you know its best to do what she says. So, I did what any self respecting parent of Ania would do. I told her yes, I would buy her Converse. Later. And she did what any self respecting 5 year old would do. She said, "Yay" and then continued to ask for them. Hundreds of times. Which was making me crazy. So I did what any half intelligent mother of Ania would do. I called my mom. Are you going to the mall? Yes. Later. Later finally came. After looking at every size 11 Converse in the mall, they went back and bought the first pair she tried on. Red. With a star. Only, they're fake Converse. Please don't tell Ania. In the end, she was happy and bouncing. We had a much needed pair of tennis shoes that Ani actually likes and will put on without a war. My mom won another gold star on her amazing grandma chart. And peace once again reigns in the universe. Ahhhh. And, yes. I did let her wear them to bed.

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Annie said...

Only thing better than Converse Converse. Soooo cute! :)