Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beach, Books, & Five More Days

I took the little girls to the beach last week. It was a sunny day, until we got to the beach. 

I bought new summer reading! Kat got me so excited about reading when she did a blogpost about her summer reading list. I bought To Kill a Mockingbird. Seems like reading a classic is a must, like eating your leafy greens at dinner time. And I bought Eat, Love, Pray or Pray, Love, Eat or is it Pray, Eat, Love? I heard it's being made into a movie, so I thought it must be good. I'm half-way through Love and Respect, recommended by my sis-in-law. (I love her!) And Alissa and I are reading Twilight at the same time together. Trying to figure out what's so great about vampires. I recently read a review of these books by someone who didn't read them!


Kaishy comes home in five days. We're soooo excited! Counting down! I cannot wait to hang out with her and chat through the world's problems together.

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Brenda said...

I love it that you are reading Love and Respect! The book is a little chewey but so good. Just digest it bit by bit.

Oh, and Brett tans so quickly, it shouldn't take much sun to turn that guy into a brown bear. I thought about him a lot these past few days, thinking about all the 4th of Julys we spent together as kids... playing in the Nooksack, eating whatever we could stuff into our mouths, blowing up slugs with firecrackers... all with my favorite childhood friend, Bretty!