Friday, September 17, 2010

Mud Magnets

Mia has been unreasonably attracted to mud for as long as we can remember. When she was little, she didn't want to go outside and play with the ball or the bike, she wanted to play with the molehills. She has led many-a-friend into dirt and water. Shaylin, Mia's new soul sister from across the driveway, has needed no leading. She's a dirt girl herself. Mud isn't the only thing Mia-Shaylin have in common. They both value money and will sell anything to get some. They are both creative and imaginative and full of clever ways to conquer the world. They are tenacious, asking in a hundred different ways until you have to say yes. And they might grow up to be attorneys. They can work the system, find the back door, and climb through the loop hole. So in the future, if you would ever like to sue somebody, call the mud sisters. They'll get a man right on it.
Mud is fun!
Mud is gooey.
Mud is pretty.
All good mud must come to an end.


RamblingTart said...

I absolutely love this. :-) Sigh. I was rather fond of dirt myself as a lass. :-)

Annie said...

Oh my gosh! Get that girl into the shower! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love a girl that relishes a good mud bath. Go Mia! That's totally awesome.