Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Summer school goes against every cherished belief that Collin holds deeply. Summer school is for other people. Weird people that need to get a real life. People that don't know where to find fun and probably eat grapefruit and toast for breakfast.

Due to very complicated details, which have the bottom line of being able to go to two years of RN school with one of his best friends, he found himself in summer school a couple months ago. Not just a normal amount of summer school. But 18 credits of summer school with classes at two different locations. Summer school is condensed. Meaning that the classes that usually take 12 weeks to complete take either 5 or 8 weeks. Not that you have less work or time in class, but that you have less time to complete it. So I did the math and found that his 18 credits was equivalent to 23 credits as far as the actual daily load of in class time and studying.

Two advisors told us not to do it. They thought it was not a way to set yourself up for success. But he just had to try. It potentially meant one less year in school, one year closer to a real income, and 2 years of fun and frolicking with Grant in nursing school.

I tell you all of this just to give the world a reason to say "Wow." He did it! He went to all the classes. He passed them with good grades. He conquered the beast. He's 18 credits smarter. He's on track with his goals.

I'm pretty sure he would still tell you though, that summer school is wrong.


Stormgirl said...

Woohoo!! That is so awesome!

Annie said...

Summer school is SO wrong. :) But congratulations on doing it anyway, Collin!

Uncle Jack said...

Collin is a stud. Period.

Mountain Boy said...

Collin is an awesome little stud...... go collibooooo


Leslie said...

Summer school is wrong, but way to go!