Friday, October 1, 2010

Beyond Reason and Convention

Most hours in the day it's extremely fun to be Ania. You would have to borrow her to see it for yourself. Or ask Collin. When she's happy, she's extremely happy. Big smiles, jumping, squealing, clapping, cheering. It's all part of happy.

Ania is extremely particular about certain things. Ask Collin. Like her favorite jeans. She wants to wear them day and night. There are times (gasp!) when we require her to wear something else. And, oh, the joy when she is allowed to change back into her sparkly jeans that don't sparkle anymore. Euphoria might be the most accurate description. 

Her hair is extremely big and gorgeous. Her eyes are extremely dark brown, almost black. She is extremely afraid of dogs. She is extremely fond of macaroni and cheese. Her technology-love is extremely intense. When she is mad, she is extremely mad. Ask Collin. She could care extremely less about learning colors. And it seems that other people find her extremely cute. 

In all of her extreme intensity, I adore her to pieces. 


Annie said...

I totally, 100% find Ani-girl EXTREMELY cute and I EXTREMELY <3 her for it!!

Stormgirl said...

How darling!! She is so precious... extremely precious. :)