Saturday, June 12, 2010

Inner Gangster and Perfect Pillows

Marbles in a toy store in Leavenworth

I met my inner gangster recently. At Zumba class. It was a new song with all new moves and she said it brings out your inner gangster. It was more self awareness in 4 minutes than a 5 credit psychology class would afford in weeks. I'm a better person for it and I hope you meet yours soon too.

And yesterday I did a one-way run and loved, loved, loved it. I ran over 5 miles and my favorite son picked me up at Boulevard afterwards. While I was running downtown near the YMCA, a girl with funky clothes stopped me. She had a huge smile on her face and said, "I just have to tell you, I thought you were running in a black cocktail dress! The sun was hitting you just right as you were running down the hill and I thought, 'Who is this woman?'" She was so cute about it. It totally made my day. And to explain, I was running in black shorts, a black tank top and had my black jacket tied around my waist. So, from a distance it looked like a short black dress. Maybe next time I will run in my short black dress!

My mom sewed me the PERFECT cool pillows to go with my new couch. They are more red and less orange than this picture shows. I LOVE them! I realized the other day that for the past 5 months my mom has made my life possible. I've been way in over my head with life and she's been manning the rescue boat and throwing me the life rings! It's a topic of another blogpost. In the meantime, you need to stop by, visit my pillows, and meet the gangster side of me.


Anonymous said...

How fun that the girl actually talked to you. Thank you for the accolades. I love doing things for your family!!!

tara said...

I need to find my inner gangster! Zumba and I can't be friends right now because Headache keeps butting in!?! I sure do miss her! (and hanging with the home girls...)

I LOVE, love, love those pillows! They are perfect! Can't wait to see them in person! I love the way your house is coming got good taste girl!!