Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jumping Pictures are the Best

Alissa and her friend, Bliss.

Most of the team are camping at the park beside the pool. Alissa's mom couldn't endure the adventure of camping, bless her heart, and they joined the hotel crowd. Which, as of this morning, was an incredible, right decision, since it is raining cats and dogs.

[And, guess what, Kaish? I talked to Bliss's mom last night for a long time and found out that she and her husband grew up and lived in Beijing until they came to the US for study and work. They have family there and they go back every year. I was telling her about your China orphan thing (smile) and she offered to be a resource or help to you if/when you go back.]

Alissa is finding all of her races for today in the heat sheet. We will be checking out of the hotel soon and then off to find the Starbucks. (All roads lead to Starbucks.) And then to the pool. Go Blackfish!


Flutterby said...

Camping is highly overrated. :)

. me . said...

oh my gosh...that would be sweet...