Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Saving a Tree

Alissa and Andi have started riding to swim practice (as long as the monsoons behave themselves.) It means, primarily, less driving for me (since it is all about me). And it means a three hour workout for them instead of two. And I'm sure they are saving trees and reducing carbon emissions and all sorts of good things. For them, it's all about fun.

Ania has developed a nasty allergy to cats in the past month. I didn't know the white parts of your eyes could swell up like that. Akkkk. So glad there is a doctor in the house.

I love this picture of Alissa. The second day of her last swim meet was rainy. Sweatshirts, towels around their waists to keep warm. Gosh, she's cute.

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Abbie said...

She is pretty cute! Love the goggles and sweatshirt. :)