Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Worth Five Bucks

Collin & cousin Amanda

It's a perfect symbiotic relationship. Collin needs money and I need help. Not that he doesn't do a ton of work for free (or should I say for the utter joy of living in my house). But asking him to get up at 5AM and drive his sister to her swim practiced seemed ... well, cruel. (Considering how teenage boys are practically in vegetative states before 7AM.) But, offer him $5 to do it and now you're actually doing him a favor!

Random other stuff:

Our house is so clean. I don't think its ever been this clean for this long. And we've only just begun selling it. We have a showing today and the open house on Sunday and the realtor walk through was yesterday. We're getting great feedback. They say it's priced right and in great showing condition.

In the meantime, we're getting more and more excited about the new house. Still working on the financing and inspection, etc. Did I mention it's big?

Ania's latest thing ... she is starting to "read" books! Pretending to read. Rambling on and on and on. And telling stories. She gets on a role and babbles non-stop. It's great for her speech development. In the past, she's had to think hard about her words and work hard to put them together. So, to see her babbling on and on without thinking ... it's great. We can't understand all that she's saying ... but we can't always understand the teenagers either.

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