Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We Thought it Couldn't Get Better, but Then it Did!

For well over a year she has saved her money. Plane tickets don't come cheap, you know. The story goes like this:

At age 6 your best friend moves away. Far away. You write letters. And you begin living in a perpetual state of homesickness for your friend-unlike-any-other. Annual visits. Weeks from heaven. How is it that a year apart melts away in the first hug? Hearts knit together. What would we do without Grace? Phone calls. Camping trips. All the time growing up. Friend now lives in Montana. Adore her more than ever. Can we move to Montana? Begin hearing stories about the Fall Ball. Long dresses. Fancy-fancy. All Saturday morning you learn to dance the Pride & Prejudice way! Evening comes and you dance like the movies (only with Converse on your feet!)

Alissa flew to Montana by herself from Seattle. Arrived on a Thursday, danced on Saturday, giggled and laughed the whole weekend. Flight out was *wonderfully* delayed and what could simply NOT get any better, got better! One more surprise night in Montana! My mom-heart was beyond happy for her! Lis, Grace is a treasure of a friend for you. I'm so thankful to the Lord for your friendship. I adore the two of you together. And, by the way, I'll keep my eye out for cheap tickets. Spring Ball is coming!

Caleb, my new favorite person, sent this picture to my cell phone.

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Leslie said...

What a beautiful dress. She looks perfect as usual.