Friday, November 20, 2009

Wanna Buy a House?

We're doing it. Selling our practically-perfect-house-in-the-country and attempting to buy a big, big, big house in the city. Going from a house we've loved to a house we'll love. We put in an offer, but it's contigent on our house selling ... so you never know. Maybe it will work out, maybe not. Either way we're happy. So, give us a call if you want to buy our house!


Anonymous said...

I did not mean *that* kind of blogging. That is sad blogging. That does not count.

Brenda said...

THAT IS AWESOME! I think change is exciting... not to say it's easy, but it's exciting. I hope it sells super fast. Ours went in 10 days, which I still can't believe. It was totally the Lord. Let us know how this goes.

Kristine said...

No, it's not sad at all! It's exciting and fun. We've loved living on the property all these years. It's been perfect and wonderful. And the next place will be just as perfect and wonderful but just fitting better the next season of life. Honest, really, trust me, it's not sad!