Saturday, October 17, 2009

Swim Meet - Day One

First off, Alissa got her team suit today. Her first one ever with the cool logo stitched onto the front. Go, Blackfish! She had so much fun. "I love meets." She improved her time in all three races! Here are her times for those of us into the gritty details of her swimming:

50 Freestyle: old time 34.25, new time 32.18. Just .39 of a second away from a gold qualifying time in her age group!

50 Butterfly: old time 46.11, new time 39.57. Great improvement. She took 6.54 seconds off!

50 Breaststroke: old time 46.32, new time 43.95. A 2.37 second gain!

Tomorrow morning she swims three 100's. Go, Lissers!


Aunt Brenda said...

Yea Alissa! You need to get down here for another swim time with Mr. Carlson! Maybe over Christmas break?

Leslie said...

You Rock! Way to go. Looking forward to hearing how you did the next day.

Anonymous said...

you SERIOUSLY need to blog again.