Saturday, December 5, 2009

Popcorn and Ice Cream

True confessions. The tradition started somewhere between practicality and laziness. I've never really loved cooking. I do it. They just keep telling me that they're hungry, so I keep cooking. The frustrating part of cooking, if you ask me, is that they eat it. You go to all that work and in about ten minutes ... all gone. There's something unsatisfying about that. Anyway ... years ago, when the kids were little, I wanted to do something memorable, something clever, something fun and exciting! for the meal on the evening that we decorated the Christmas tree. Thoughts of a prime rib, five-course meal fluttered through my mind. Not happening. Spaghetti? No, we eat that all the time. Pineapple Upside Down Cake? Ick.

It had to be something we almost never ate. Something the kids would think was a huge treat. Something that didn't keep me in the kitchen all day. Gosh. That pretty much just left popcorn and ice cream. But we eat popcorn and ice cream often. Oh, .... but not for dinner!

So, there it was. The tradition. Popcorn and ice cream for dinner on the night we decorate the Christmas tree. The last few years we've added cheese, crackers, and meat in an effort to ward off migraines, calories, and just a general sick feeling.

And for years we watched a Christmas movie called Silent Mouse afterwards. It was great ... until the kids got old enough to know that it was the most incredibly boring Christmas movie ever made. Ask them about it. They'll groan. We don't even have it any more. I'm sure they tossed it when I wasn't looking. But if I ever see one at the Goodwill, I'm going to buy it! I'm positive they will someday want to damage their own children with it.
I stole this picture off Marie's blog. Ania (age 4.5) on Thanksgiving day.


Annie said...

LOVE the picture of Ani! Hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving and are enjoying a nice beginning to the Christmas season. I miss seeing you!!! :(

marie said...

I LOVE your tradition of popcorn and ice cream-a woman after my own heart. And I love cheesy little kid movies to make their childhood glow with memories. :) Way to go, Kristine. You Rock!

Leslie said...

How fun is that. I may have to borrow that idea for our family. Don't you just love have fun traditions?!