Sunday, December 13, 2009


Reasons we love our realtor:

1. She's not like other realtors. Ok, I confess, I have a negative stereotype of realtors. They rank with used car salesmen in my book. But just like there is one honest, wonderful used car salesman in the world (Mr. G), there is also one good realtor. Here is a link to her website in case you need her services: debbie

2. She is sweet and cute. Really, she is so sweet. Honestly, I can't think of anyone sweeter than her. And I always love to see what she's wearing. I told her today that she should be in a magazine.

3. She's honest. She has always been truthful and honest with us in the ten years we've known her.

4. She works hard. She is a go-getter. She's on it. Open houses, fliers, website, showings, phone calls, talking to the lady at the city ... you name it, she's on it.

5. She's available. No matter when we need her, she's always got time for us. Its almost like she doesn't have anything else going on in her life. Just us!

6. She is a good communicator. We never walk away confused or unclear. She's great at explaining all the details and if she doesn't know an answer, she goes and finds it.

7. She goes to bat for us. Like the time she called multiple inspectors looking for one who would give us a discount because the house we're buying is new ... and how hard can it be to inspect a new house?

8. She is genuinely excited with us. Sometimes I've thought maybe she is more excited about the house we're getting than we are! When we all met the inspector last week you should have seen her smile! The house is incredible and she knows that under normal circumstances (why have we never bought a house under normal circumstances?) we would never be able to get this house. Way too fancy and expensive. She is thrilled to be a part of getting us this new house.

9. She is determined! She is so going to sell our house. I'm sure of it and so is she.

And while I'm here ... a quick update on buying and selling. About two weeks until closing on the new house. We'll be moving anytime after the 30th. Unless we close early. The inspector loved the new house. He said the builder didn't cut any corners; that it's well built. He was excited to show us some extra features that the house has and show us how to work them. We did a little investigating to make sure the extra pieces of property don't create a problem for us. (It comes with 2.4 acres in three separate pieces along the trail ... all under one parcel number.) Everything is looking good.

On the selling front. We've had five showings and two open houses. The first open house had 20 groups come through. She thought that about 1/2 were serious buyers and 1/2 just looking. Today's open house had just two couples, but one is very interested. We've had great feedback about the house and property and the price/value from everyone, including the realtors that came through on the walk through. And we have a showing, maybe two, already lined up this week, with one couple possibly coming for their second look.


Brenda said...

Wow, I look way good in that helmet! Could you send me those pictures?

marie said...

WooHooooooo!!!! ON the house--both houses! Yay for you guys! Cheering loudly on Bennett Drive!