Monday, December 14, 2009


The girls were getting themselves ready to go outside this morning to play in the snow. Ania had her coat and shoes on, all ready to go. Mia was getting Ania's other coat for her. I said, "Why are you changing her coat? She has one on." Mia explained that it's what Ania wanted. She wanted to change her coat. Mia told me, "Mom, she's always perspectiving about style."

That cleared it all up.


marie said...

I am DEFINITELY liking Mia's skirt. :) (Sorry about that, friend. It's a wonder you still speak to me.) Love the picture of the girls. They're so beautiful and getting so old. A sweet blessing for them to grow up together. Love you.

Through the Sea Glass said...

Love the things kids say...How sweet a sister, so helpful! hah. Cuties.