Saturday, July 25, 2009

Update from China #5

We celebrated Annie's and my birthday today with a yummy cake from the Langfang bakery. Annie turns 19 tomorrow.

One of my favorite parts of the touring we've done is to watch the Chinese people stare at Annie. She has beautiful golden locks and evidently the Chinese people don't see blond hair on a beautiful American woman every day. Every time we've gone out, with the exception of dinners, people stop her on the street and ask her to pose for a picture with them. Parents want pictures of their children with her. Women want pictures with her. And men want pictures with her! Our friend and tour guide, Shelby, an employee of PHF, even told some Chinese men that were getting pictures with Annie that she was a famous American actress. I really important hanging out with Annie in China.
We went to Tienanmen Square. It was pretty amazing to be standing in that place when you are aware of some of the history of it. We crossed over to the Forbidden City and walked through just half of it. It is so big. I really felt like I was in China that day ... there were people everywhere. Shoulder to shoulder. Felt like sardines at times. And hot. I don't think I've ever been so hot. I was reviewing in my mind what to do when someone passes out. But I was too hot to think clearly and decided not to worry about it until one of us passed out. Our shirts were wet with sweat. And, truth be told, some of us hold off on drinking much water when we are out because ... oh, you should see the squatty potties. I would take the outhouse at the campout any day over one of those public bathrooms. So, passing out from the heat was a pretty viable option. And we had to walk so far too. But it started raining and cooled down. Next we were off to the tea house.

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Leanne said...

Hi Kristine!

Just looking through some of your China pictures! What a great experience...thanks for sharing such great sights!

And welcome home??
Leanne :)