Friday, July 24, 2009

Update from China #4

We spend most of our time here at the orphanage ( Kaisha and Annie make it around to all of the houses and most of the kids but always seem to find their way back to these two girls. Annie sponsors Margaret and Kaisha sponsors Tiffany. Their Chinese names are Nu-Nu and Mei-Mei. Both girls have serious heart conditions. We talked to Dr. Moody over breakfast this morning about the girls' medical issues. Margaret needs surgeries and could do very well. He explains that when a surgery can wait, it is best for them to wait in hopes of that child being adopted and being able to have the surgeries done in the States, or wherever they are going to. So they are waiting for Margaret. She is active and doing great. Tiffy's heart cannot be repaired; she needs a transplant. Her heart isn't connected to her lungs (at all? or at least not properly) and so she is oxygen deficient. He said that maybe she could go the the United States to have a transplant, but of course he isn't certian that she would qualify for one or not.

You don't know how much we would love to take this little girl home with us! She is so sweet in her personality. It is so much fun to see her get a little mischevious look in her eyes and she is playing with Kaisha. And sometimes she laughs. It's beautiful to see her laugh.
The facilities here are beautiful. The Chinese nannies are assigned 2 or 3 children and always care for those same children ... many call their nannies "ma-ma". The people here are so committed to the well being of these kids. Today a new team of 30 people came in from Spokane. They brought suitcases (15 or 20) full of supplies. And will be doing VBS with the kids. It's just neat to see the many ways that God is providing for these children.


marie said...

They are beautiful girls. The only comfort is knowing how much our Savior cares for and loves orphans. I hope God will do what would seem huge to us-bring someone to adopt those girls. I'm so glad you got to go.

Annie said...

TAKE ME BACK!!! :( I've only been away from our girls two days and I already can't stand it. Love you to death, Nui Nui and Tiffy!