Monday, July 13, 2009


Today is Alissa's first full day at summer camp. We dropped her off yesterday afternoon. She's always wanted to go to summer camp. We signed her up three days ago. Rather last minute, which is how I work best these days. She knew of one friend that was going; a friend that she has only met once but is looking forward to getting to know at the new church. And she saw one girl from the swim team. What adventure!

Today I'm sending her a care package. Whoppers. Black licorice wheels. Granola bars. And I'm lamenting the fact that I won't see her for two entire weeks, since I leave for China the day before she gets home.

Today is a great day for her friends to send her a letter that she might receive before her week is over.

Today is the day Kaisha and I got our luggage out and figured out which suitcases we will take to China with us.

Today is the day we have to start recording our temperatures. Both the orphanage and the Chinese government are taking extra precautions to keep the swine flu out of their country. For the orphanage we are recording our daily temperatures three days before we fly out and continue recording them daily until we leave. If at any time we have elevated temps, we will be quarantined. For the government, they will take our temps on the airplane before we land and again before they let us through customs. If any of us, OR ANYONE SITTING NEAR US ON THE PLANE, have even slightly elevated temps, we will be quarantined. If it is someone near us with a high temp, we are put into a hotel quarantine, if one of us has the high temp, then we are hospital quarantined. The US embassy says that they are unable to effect the duration of the quarantine. In other words, they are staying out of it! A little nevous about the whole thing? Uh-huh.

Today I let Collin sleep in. Partly just to see how long he would sleep. Ten thirty. Today I need to go jogging and it will be in the rain. But at least I don't have to water the flower beds. Today Brett had to get up at 4AM to work an early shift, Ania woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and we get to live one more day knowing the grace of God in Christ.


Annie said...

Just keep those nice, normal temperatures a-coming for the next several days... :)
3 MORE DAYS!!!!!!

lizziemarie said...

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