Saturday, July 11, 2009

Move Over Dan

Dan is the Director of Marketing for Logos Bible Software. He is the closest known thing to a marketing genius. I've heard stories from other people of his amazing abilities to market products. I wish I had the intuition that he seems to have when it comes to selling stuff.

Well, Dan may have to give up his chair. Enter Mia.

She spends hours at a time making stuff. Home made cards, tablets, jewelry, bread dough biscuits. Then she sets up displays of her items in high traffic areas of the house with signs detailing the prices for different things. Last week the hot item was bead ankle bracelets. She got Kaisha to buy one for $.25 ... and then promptly charged her an additional $.05 to "register" her. She's also been known to charge interest if you don't pay up quickly enough.

She also provides spa services. She lines up all her lotions and give foot rubs or back rubs. Brett and I both pay willingly for her massages!

The first time she ever set up a business was a couple years ago. I offered to pay her to read books to Ania in the bathroom while we waited for Ania to ... um ... well, potty train. As soon as the service was provided, Mia set up a potty training business. She made a sign explaining that she would potty train other women's children for just $1.00. Sad fact was that there just wasn't a lot of demand for her skills in the confines of our dining room where she hung the sign.

So, the moral of the story is that if you want to make a seven year old girl's day, buy something from her. But, if you want to steer clear of emptying your pockets of change ... you might avoid our little business woman at all costs.


marie said...

Awesome, Mia! Someday I'll pay you to market my children's books. Keep up the creativity. Love you.

Brenda said...

You mean I missed out on 3 days of massages when Mia was here? Shesh! Wish someone woudda told me! I had quarters and dimes and everything!