Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kneading Little Hands

So, I throw a quick loaf of French bread into the KitchenAid and wa-la. The girls use at least an hour making little cookie cutter shapes and baking them and, of course, putting butter and cinnamon and sugar on them after they bake. And if you are Mia, then you turn around and attempt to sell them to your mom that just provided all the ingredients and half the labor.

I think Ania ate more dough than she baked. What does dough do inside a little tummy like that? Just keep rising and rising? Hmm ... maybe she won't need to eat for a couple days.

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Kaisha said...

Nice. Mia can make money out of anything. She even charges you to open an "account." I didn't pay her the 25 cents for a foot rub right away once. So she goes and opens a tab for me in a little notebook. I got charged 5 cents for that. :) Wow.