Thursday, April 23, 2009

Please Don't Touch! and My New Favorite Person

Not to be unwelcoming or anything, but if you come to our house could you please not even LOOK at the hall closet folding doors? They will break if you look at them. And then my poor husband, who I think hates fixing folding doors now as much as he hates plumbing, won't have to take yet a fourth trip to the hardware store to fix them once more. Not to mention that this last time was less than 24 hours after he fixed them the time before and that this time he put them up, took them off, put them on right, took them off again, and put them back the way they were the first time. Sigh.
And, just for the record, Trevor is now my new favorite person. What does it take to become my favorite person? He left a comment on one of my blog posts. It's really quite a consensus at our house that Trevor is one of the nicest persons on the planet. And now, after he left a comment, he's officially my new favorite person. Before Trevor it was Dylan, who brought my Colly-boo home safely from Montana.
And speaking of leaving comments on blog posts. It's the surest way to show a blogging-sort-of-person that you like them. Ask anyone that writes a blog and they will tell you that getting comments is something akin to getting stocking stuffers on Christmas morning or finding a $20 bill on the sidewalk. So, if you haven't left comments before ... please do.
Oh ... and one last thing. A tip for anyone who has a person in their life that seldom allows you to take a decent picture of them because they hate having their picture taken (no names mentioned, Collin). I found a great way to get a great picture! You go into your camera's menu, into shooting mode and select "continuous" and then just start taking pictures at a rate of three per second. Don't let off the button until you have a couple dozen pictures in ten seconds. You only have to delete about 20 pictures to keep the good one where they finally stopped cringing and rolling their eyes and giving you the "gosh, mom, when are you going to stop" eyes. Isn't that the greatest picture of Collin? I love it.


Brenda said...

OOOOO! I get to the first to comment on this blog about commenting. It's true, I look for comments on my blog every day (which is in case anyone is wanting to comment on a blog after you comment on this one!)

Great pic Collie.

marie said...

LOVE that pic of your Bobby. (who rocks, by the way) What a great job you are doing with that new lens!!

Leanne said...

Guilty, guilty me. I'm still a popper-inner, but have not left a comment in a long while. I do agree with you about the comments being an excitement. But, if forced to choose, I just may take an unexpected $20 over a comment. That's free money for a great giveaway, a few coffees, dessert out with my favorite person...oh, the possibilities are immense!

And I think I will look for that button on my camera. I have a reluctant subject in my house as well. Thanks for the tip!

And thank you, too, for the fun reads! I think we are officially now friends. Afterall, you are family to one of my favorite friends, who is practically more family than friend. So we are on the verge of being family ourselves! :)
Leanne (Brenda's Leanne)

Leanne said...

Just me again...just went over to leave a comment for Brenda and saw your note about a swim time with Mr. Carlson. (You are welcome to call hime Brad!) He would be more than glad to do that! Just give us a heads up on what works for you and we'll make it happen!

Dani said...

Okay, I am guilty too - of often peeking at your blog without commenting. You know I adore you, friend! Love seeing your posts! Great pic of Collin.

tara said...

I am SO with you, Kristine! It is a shame to spend time pouring our hearts into our blogs and then think "no one stops by"...when maybe they really do, but they just don't say so. Would anyone just stop by your house and not say hello??? I LOVE comments, WAY more than finding $20 on the sidewalk (but that is only because I can make my own mochas at home!!)

And another thing, the more comments left on a blog, the more motivating it is to post new things, am I right? Or am I right?? :)

Isaacme said...

Great pic collin. Yeh. Favoritist person!