Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blowfish Pentathlon

Here's the blow by blow on today's swim meet:

Her first race was the 50 yard backstroke. Her old time was 41.53 and she added 7 seconds to her time trying to do the flipturn. She still hasn't mastered them at all, but her coach wanted her doing them anyway. I took it a little hard, but Alissa was fine with it. Brett had to remind me of their rule: the parents are not supposed to coach. Sigh.

Her second race was the 50 yard breaststroke. She didn't have a recorded time in this race yet so she swam in the first heat, with the slower or untimed kids, and made it in 46.32 seconds. What a great time for a girl that didn't even know how to do this stroke just three months ago!

50 yard butterfly was next. Her old time was 53.83 and her new time was 46.11. She shaved a lot off her time. You go, girl!

Her 50 free was great too. She was within .25 of her old time (34.25) and she did the flipturn with it. At this point, the flipturns don't help her time ... but eventually, when she gets them down a little bettter, they will.
And the 100 individual medly was last. She was about 5 seconds slower than her last time. She thought her coach said she was disqualified for some reason, but not sure why. That's ok ... it happens all the time.
Collin and I timed for the meet. There's nothing better than hanging out with him for three hours. He's such good company. Cheerful, funny, helpful, good at what he does ... he's great. And it was a treat to have Papa Gordie and Grandma Marcia come by and watch two of her events. The more the merrier!

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Leslie said...

Way to go Alyssa! Maybe you can teach me how to do a flip turn. I've tried but somehow I either smack my head on the wall or don't even get close to it.