Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Contest! (Be warned: rodents involved)

Here they are. The nameless mice. We downsized our pets this week. It is no small thing to give away your precious goats! Alissa acquiesced to her daddy's wishes with bravery. Lewis and Tolkien now live 5 or 10 miles away. The nice guy that took them assures us that Alissa can come visit. He has kids and we're confident that the boys will be well cared for.

In the meantime, the mice have arrived. We actually set out to buy hamsters, but for a small handful of reasons we came home with these two little ... um ... things. Alissa is quite happy with them. They are kind of cute, don't you think? So, here is the contest:

The mice need names. Something clever and catchy (not blacky and snowflake). Something that works for being females. Something that sounds cute together. And she kind of wants the black one's name to have something to do with how she likes to run around in circles. (No mouse sanity jokes now!)

The prize? We decided to wait and see who wins before we settle on the prize. Keep in mind that the monetary value of these wonderful prizes will be relatively insignificant, but most assuredly worth the 30 seconds it would take you to leave a comment with a couple name ideas. You can enter the contest as many times as you would like. Thanks for humoring us.


Brenda said...

Okay, here is my first stab at murine names:
1. Eww
2. Icky

Sorry Alissa, but I don't like mice except for the couple that hang out in Disneyland with big shoes and white gloves. Maybe I'll think of names that you'll like later!

Amanda said...

My names are.......

1. Cheddar


What do you think?

lizziemarie said...

HI Lis, ok here's original for you, Salt and Pepper... and or cinnamon and paprika... how bout basil and thyme or rosemary???? lol

but those are not cute and catchy. I'll think some more, cant have any nameless mice around this county!!

Anonymous said...

The black one could be twirly and the white one can be twirly and the white one can be dizzy!

Anonymous said...

OOPS! I mean that the black one can be twirly and the white one can be dizzy. (major typo or something in the last comment lol)

Emily said...

My names are:

1. Topsy
2. Turney

Hope you like these!As for my prize, I like M&Ms!

~lissy said...

What about a circly word in a different language? The white one is kinda shy. Does that help? LOL :) ~lissy

lizziemarie said...

Ok Lis, i did my research:
for pokemon that looked mouse-ish. Non did. and the rat ones looked to boyish. I did find some cute ones:

For a shyish white mouse: Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Togetic, *Kirlia*, Pachirisu

For a black mouse that runs in circles: Azurill, *Spoink*, Riolu,

Or you could do a duo like Plusl and Minun.
Anyway, im rambling now, check the sight out and see if there's a pokemon that looks like your mice. HUGS!!

Dani said...
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Dani said...


Ok... Alissa, if you have a Greek bent, you could go with

1. Kukla ("circle") [Black]
2. Isia ("straight") [White]

Sounds like the white one might be a little "kukla".

Then they could be "Kuklisia" when they're together (circlystraight).


marie said...

okay, Lis, I'm warning you ahead, I'm awful at coming up with names. REally. But I want to play the game, too. So I'm gonna take a stab at it.

Bugsy and Mugsy-couldn't resist

Sarah n Dipity= Serendipity means something that springs from the moment, something unplanned.

I personally like the pokemon names...wish I'd thought of that. Hugs to you!

Eric said...

Uncle Eric says: the names should be:

Lola and Lotta
(from Charlie and Lola cartoons - very cute cartoons - Lola and Lotta are best friend)

Adrienne said...

Adrienne says:
Rosie and Blackie

Anonymous said...

Lewis and Clarke


marie said...

Bernice and Beatrice: shortened- Bernie and Bea or Bea and Bernie, depending on how you like it. (I'm really just trying to figure out my middle name...it's GOT to be a good mouse name, right? because it really doesn't work for people at all)

Ha Ha Ha. I so funny.

Adalia said...

I think you should name the black one
Spice and the white one Sugar.your mice are cute:)

~ Addie Bergeron

Anonymous said...

How about the 2 rat pokemon Rattata and Raticate

Kristine said...

I chose Kukla and Raticate. Kukla is the black one. Raticate is the white one. :) LOL ~lissy