Monday, April 13, 2009

Celebrating Easter

Cups filled with jelly beans for each of the kids. Even more fun was having the chance Sunday morning to put an Easter basket together for Aunt Blondy. The kids drove it into town before the company came and set it outside her door for her to find later in the day. It was so fun to hear, late Sunday night, how it brightened her day. I had printed out pages of my blog (and Brenda's too) and included them in the basket. She said she read through them each twice.

We had the BEST EVER menu plan! Omelet bar, special to order ... and the men cooked! You got your paper plate, wrote your name on it and size of omelet you wished to have (S, M, L), piled your toppings on your plate and the guys cooked it up for you. Our get togethers will never be the same; we ladies are hoping to permanently adopt the "guys cook" idea into every gathering! Baristas, Kaisha and Nicole, made lattes to order. (Is it mean to put a silly picture of someone on your blog if they make such a goofy face when you're trying to take their picture?)I played with my new camera lens all day. It is definitely going to take me some time to learn to shoot with it in manual. I forced myself to stay in manual all day ... which explains why the exposure isn't quite right in all the pictures. I have hopes that I'll get good at it down the road.
I love it how we all love being together. The adults love hanging out with the kids and visa versa. Did Marie shrink or has Collin gained a few inches?
Collin is holding a mushroom. Something akin to protesting fungi on omelets, perhaps. I love these three young men!
The kids sang in three part harmony for us, "O Sacred Head Now Wounded." They had sung it at the Good Friday service and most of us hadn't been there to hear it. It was beautiful and exalted the Savior we had gathered to celebrate. They did a great job overlooking Ania's "help" during the song ... oh, how she loves to sing out, but unfortunately she didn't know any of the words.
I loved taking pictures of little Hope. She has the most beautiful blue eyes. She is so sweet. What a whirl of activity our house must have seemed to her and baby Grace! Papa-do stayed put in his chair most of the time, watching everyone come and go. He pointed out that Hope does occasionally "defy gravity" as she spent time on top of the tall black stool.

It was a wonderful time together. I adore these people. And what more perfect reason to get together and celebrate than the grace of God come to us through the work of Christ! He is risen, indeed.

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Brenda said...

Yup, seeing Brett with the bass is fun. He's in deep concentration in that picture! Thanks for sending a print out of some of my blog to Aunt Blondy.

I fiddled with my camera yesterday, too. Endless hours of fiddling still await me!

Happy Easter... late!