Friday, March 13, 2009

Tune, Yes. Lyrics, not so Much.

She grabbed a hymnal and started to sing "Joy to the World." Perfect tune, but not really any correct words. She has an amazing ability to remember tunes. Mrs. Saucer, at preschool, was surprised when I told her that we didn't sing the fishy song at home. She was so sure Ania had learned it previously because she picked up the tune right away. Collin and Kaisha had Ani in the car a while back and a song that was new to them came on the radio ... Ania was singing it like nobody's business. The mini Asian female Pavarotti.


Marie said...

I'm signing Ani up for choir. I'll take anyone that can carry a tune and learn that girl.

Brenda said...

She must have inherited her singing from her Uncle Jack.

Anonymous said...

you have to blog again.