Thursday, March 12, 2009

Three Times a Day

This is the scene at our house. Three times a day. Mia eating her meal with books. Not usually just one book ... but a small stack of books. We have to make a point of telling her when to NOT bring her books to the table. The child reads nearly all day long. And you should try to break her from her focus. Good luck. A train could go through the house while she's reading and I don't think she would notice.

Oh. It's a hot dog. Overcooked in the microwave. Daddy is at work tonight ... so dinner is, well ... lame. But never fear. Michelle taught me years ago to NOT buy the hot dogs whose first ingredient is "mechanically separated chicken parts." Only the ones whose first ingredient is "beef." Now you can sleep tonight.

Other random family news:

Ania is back to being dropped off at preschool with smiles and happiness. Last week she was a little sad to leave me. But she always comes home happy. Kaisha thinks she is talking more. I'm not sure.

Collin saved me two and a half hours of driving/waiting again today! Now I'm wondering why we didn't get his license a few months ago?

I bought a set of suitcases yesterday. Maui, China, here we come! China visa applications sent in this week.

Wellington really doesn't mind the snow in March.

Kaisha works out at the gym after her evening classes and has always has stories from work and school.

My fifth daughter, Abigail, just got a great supporting role in a play!

Alissa is finishing her first week swimming with the juniors and wow! We're so excited about all the great coaching she's gotten this week.


Abbie said...

Wow Mia just constantly amazes me. Love the picture...the food was a little disturbing until you explained what it was.

Yay for Collin and driving!! Woo-hoo! And now I totally wanna see Brett's hair. :)

Marie said...

If you overcook hot dogs in the micro, cut "legs" from the middle down--looks like an octopus. Makes my day-which I guess isnt' saying much as I don't get out much these days.

Would mia mind reading my Bible Study Homework for me? I would SO appreciate using that time for something else...I've already read AGE a dozen times. I could even pay her!

Kaisha said...

His hair's different? Hmm...didn't notice! :)