Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My World is a Better Place

... because this guy is now licensed behind a steering wheel. You may see just another 16 year old ready to terrorize the roads. I see help. Help taking my people places. Today is piano lessons for Alissa and later swim practice. It adds up to about 4 hours of my time spent not chauffeuring today. I bet he didn't realize that getting his driver's license was really all about me.

He's a great driver. Careful. Safe. Sensible. (Until Papa Gordie gets ahold of him for a few lessons in fast accelerations!) Way to go, Collin!

Oh, and the picture was taken yesterday as he was going off on his first solo drive over to his friends' house.


lizziemarie said...

I will refrain from mentioning that Bobby *epically fails* for not calling the relatives to inform them but will suffice to rejoice with you all and hope he enjoys himself! And, Bobby, please try *not* to kill anyone!

Stormgirl said...

Go Bobby! That is so awesome!
Yay for you Kristine!!

Amanda said...

GO COLLIN GO COLLIN! How exciting. That has got to be so much fun. So... who's house did you go to?

Brenda said...

Papa's driving lessons can't be all that bad... I'm a pretty good driver and so is your dad! Now, can you come live down here with us and be my taxi dude?

Marie said...

Your Bobby Rocks!

Emily said...

Good job Bobby!

Mountain Boy said...

You are pretty much awesome Collidogs!!