Monday, February 2, 2009

If I Could Adopt Just One More Person

If I could adopt just one more person into our family it would be this girl. But can you adopt a legal adult? I know her family would never stand for it. Her brothers would win her back at any cost, I'm sure. And I don't blame them.
In my eyes, Abigail is Practically Perfect in Every Way. She's funny and she laughs at all of Brett's jokes, even if nobody else does. She has always treated Alissa with the utmost love and kindness, including her willingly. She and Collin are like, well, brother and sister, full of teasing and pretend feistyness. She's smart and energetic and an incredibly hard worker. She loves the truth of God's Word and stands on it firmly. She's compassionate. She makes friends quickly. You cannot help but love it when she's around. She's competitive ... she can make anything into a contest. Athletic. You should see her ice skate. Talented. She can sing, play piano without music, act in plays. She's fun and sweet and thoughtful. You want her on your team.

She and Kaisha have been the best of friends before they were even old enough to appreciate each other ... sitting next to each other in their high chairs, oblivious to the presence of the life long friend next to them. When they were little girls, Kaisha used to copy everything Abigail did. If she crossed her legs, Kaisha would cross her legs. If she put her purse on her lap, Kaisha would put her purse on her lap.

I remember the moment when Kaisha set out on her own, finally possessing her own opinion. We were driving in the country and Abigail said, "I think that horse is ugly." Kaisha said, "I think it's pretty. I like it." And so they began to diverge, ever so slightly, in taste and opinion. And personality-wise they are different in 100 ways. But so the same in in all the right ways. The quintessential perfect friends. I love these girls.


Annie said...

I want to adopt BOTH Abbie and Kaish as my sisses! :)

Abbie said...

Oh, Kristine, I love you too! This was such a sweet post. Very thoughtful of you to leave out my many flaws and bring out the positives.(And way to go putting a positive spin on being competitive...that was pretty tricky.) :P

"oblivious to the presence of the life long friend next to them"

I loved that line. Hard to believe we were babies together. We had no idea we'd still be friends all these years later. How special is that!?

Brenda said...

I remember Kaisha at 3 years old, telling me that the friend at her birthday party was named "Ab-uh-gail" in three distinct syllables. So cute!

Oh, and Kaish... the hair in these pics is GREAT! Don't cut it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Kristine... I couldn't agree more with everything you said (except to add a few things like her amazing talent to ask more questions in a row in less than a few seconds that a wise man could never answer in a year or that adorable habit of running into whatever is in front of her, etc. ... etc...).

No, seriously, Abigail is such a neat girl, ditto to what you said, Kristine, and then some. :) Keep up the good work Abbie and Kaisha! Your friendship is amazing and irreplaceable!

Amanda said...

Awwwww...... That is soo nice. That is so cool that you have a freind that it like family.

Kaisha said...

I too love her amazing talents Andy and find them quite endearing. :) Love her to death!