Saturday, January 31, 2009

And the Winners Are

Annie! & Renee!

Annie guessed that I weighed 125 pounds 21 years ago when I got married. She is exactly right. One person asked how I even knew what I weighed the day I got married, which is the obvious question for such silliness. I'm usually terrible remembering numbers like that. I don't know if I could tell you how much each of my kids weighed at birth (unlike Renee who can not only tell you that detail on all of her 13 kids ... well, excluding the children from Africa maybe, but she can also rattle off when each was potty trained, started to read, lost their first teeth etc. She amazes me!). Anyway, right after I was married I had a new driver's license made with my new name on it and every year since then that I have had to renew my license they have left that little detail the same. That's why I know.

Renee guessed that we went to 57 doctor-ish appointments last year. The real answer was 56! But then, a few days into the contest, after I had set that number, I realized I left out trips to the lab. So we could bring the number up to 63 ... and either way, Renee wins.

Honorable mention goes to my nephew, Thomas, who gave the cutest answers. (He guessed that I weighed 50 pounds when I got married!) I'll send you some chocolate, Thomas. Watch the mail. :o)

I love giving away chocolate and Starbucks. We'll do it again sometime, only with a guy question so that all of Collin's friends will want to try for it. But maybe then the prize should be Belly Timber or something more food related. I hear that one of his friends eats, like, $500 worth of food/month. But then again, he runs 50 miles at a time ... up and down small mountains.
Thanks for the fun! O Happy Day to you all.


Marie said...

Eric shall surely fall into a sad'll have to have another contest and he'll have to guess better! Great Fun!

Brenda, Mom of Thomas said...

I'm not sure what Thomas is more excited about: knowing a packing is coming to the mailbox with his name on it, or knowing that the contents are chocolate. Either way, he will be offering to go get the mail this week, I'm sure.

Thanks for the contest. Such fun!

Annie said...

Oh..Wow! I never win ANYTHING!! Especially not something as cool as chocolate and Starbucks! :)

SRE said...

Whoo-Hoo! I'm s excited...


Mountain Boy said...

What type of crazy friend of Collin would do that??????? lol