Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Guess! Win! Chocolate! Starbucks! Come, Play!

First you should know that it's not been the best of days over here. And I figure that nothing can cheer the day like giving away chocolate and five bucks to Starbucks. And since I could use more than your average day's worth of cheer ... I decided to double the fun and have two giveaways instead of one. And let me say, I do hope you win.
Here is a picture of the prize. Fine Swiss chocolate and fancy dark chocolate. Mmmmm. There are 2 identical prizes, one for each giveaway. Yes, you can try for both.

Here are the rules:
1. You must live in the United States. (Yes, Hawaii counts. Yes, people from other countries do look at my blog. I have no idea why, I don't think it's that interesting.)
2. You must not live in my house. (Sorry, Collin.)
3. You must not solicit hints from anyone who lives in my house. (Collin had an elaborate plan to recruit the Larsen boys into cheating with him. No, no.)
4. You must leave a comment to this blogpost to participate. (No, you can't email me. Yes, you have to register with google to do it. It doesn't take very long, honest.)
Those things stated, let the fun begin!

I just celebrated 21 years of marriage! I have the best husband on the planet. He's nice and funny and good looking and creative and a deep thinker and a hard worker. Really, he's the best. I would marry him a hundred times over. I love life with him.
Twenty-one years ago I wore this dress as I commited spending my life with him. I had the girls try it on:
So, the first giveaway is for the person who guesses (Gasp! ... Collin thought this was "a weird girl thing") how much I weighed on my wedding day when wearing this dress.
The second giveaway flows out of gratitude. With Brett's job last year our family was able to get really good medical coverage for the first time in years. We had a few things, medically speaking, waiting in the wings that needed to be taken care of and a few things come up unannounced. We saw doctors, doctors and more doctors. We even had eye and dental coverage! We went to appointment after appointment getting everybody spiffed up. We even had 4 relatively small outpatient surgeries done. We met a lot of specialists. It was GREAT and we are so thankful to the Lord that we were able to have insurance for all of it.
Your question for the second giveaway is: how many doctor (dentist & eye included) appointments do you think our family went to last year?
There you have it. Nothing amazing or clever. Just free chocolate and a cup of java at Starbucks on me.


Marie said...

First: 126.2 lbs.
Second: 31 appointments

I have no idea. Those numbers look cool though, don't they? Way to be a really awesome amazing blogging person!

SRE said...

Do get a prize if I promise to take the coffee card, you AND two Lorazapam to Starbucks with me? Or do I still have to guess?

Okay, I'll stay 119 pounds.

57 visits. Can you actually top my 65.5 hours in the dental chair?


Nicole said...

Hey Auntie Kristine!
I vote:
127 lbs
38 appointments
No idea. :)

Brenda said...

Oh rats! If only I had known this contest was coming that day of your wedding, I would have asked how much you weighed. But then, you would have been convinced that I was a really weird and rude sister-in-law. I'll just have to guess...

120 pounds.
25 appointments.

I can feel the chocolate on my mouth already!

By the way, I don't even know how much I weighed on MY wedding day!

This is fun! Thanks for the contest. Hope you're feeling more cheery!

Thomas Arend said...

Thomas's turn...
He thinks you weighed: 50 pounds
Appointments: 14 appointments

If he wins, I promise not to eat his chocolate!

"Are the girls standing up in the pictures? I can't see Mia's feet."

Eric said...

First: 124 lbs.
SEcond: 18 visits

submitted by Eric that really wants a starbucks card....

Annie said...

First: 125 lbs (probably wrong...I'm a terrible judge of height and weight numbers!) :)
Second: 42 appointments

Awesome contest!
BTW...did Kaish tell you that there are Starbucks in the Forbidden City and at the Great Wall entrance? We totally will have to stop in! :) Who else can say they've had a frap in those places?

Jessica said...

I vote 118 lbs. and 28 visits. So much fun! Thanks!

Leslie said...

I think 115 on your wedding day and 45 appointments. this is very fun. You are so good.

Mac ladies said...

From the chocolate lovers of Lahti drive . . .

122 lbs and 43 appointments.

Love the creative pic of the chocolates, and your daughters look darling. You've inspired me to get out my wedding dress... for the daughters to try on!

j&cprice said...

Hi Kristine...Just stopped by your blog and (yay!) I could win some chocolate and coffee. So, cool... Anyhoo, my guesses are

122 lbs and 42 appointments

Amanda said...

This is sooooo fun!

120lbs. and 40 doctor appointments!

Amanda said...


117 and 40 appointments!

Kristine said...

The reason I know how much I weighed when I was married is because I changed my driver's license to my married name right after we got married and it has always made me smile that year after year as I've had to renew my license they have never asked how much my current weight is ... so my driver's license still says how much I weighed 20 years ago! I think it's funny. I have NO memory for such statistics normally.

Kiki said...

How long does the contest last?

Abbie said...

121 pounds
38 appointments


Abbie said...

* make that 39 appointments...accidentally stole Nicole's guess :)

Stormgirl said...

I guess 119 lbs. and 44 appointments. I hope that I didn't duplicate answers. What a fun idea though!

Hannah said...

Man, i am having an issue finding an answer that isn't way out of range that someone else hasn't used!! ;)
I'm guessing,
122.5 pounds
even though they probably won't have decimals on your driver's license, and
52 appointments??

Thanks for the fun, Mrs. T!!
Oh, and by the way, those are such cute pictures of the girls in your wedding dress! <3