Thursday, February 5, 2009

Four x Four

Kaisha tagged me in the 4 x 4 blogging thing. I wonder who starts these things? Ok ... I'm game. I'm supposed to go into my picture file, pick the fourth folder and the fourth picture and post it. So ... here's that picture:

Mia and Adrienne. Friends before they met their families. Flight sisters from Korea. Common history. Similar in feature. Cute beyond description. Lifelong friends. Who could keep from falling in love with the two of them together? This is picture is from fall of 2007 at the campout. Riding bikes (notice with barefeet) around the loop.

Last part of the 4 x 4 thing is that I'm supposed to "tag" four other people to do the same thing. I'm not sure I know 4 people that haven't done it, but I'll try. Hannah S., Brenda's friend LeAnne (Amanda, you'll have to tell her!), Renee, and ... um ... Dani.


marie said...

You write so well, I love to read it. What a sweet tribute to the girls. I love the story God has given them, a story that is so totally His-not one of us could have contrived such a thing. Adore you! Marie

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristine! Brenda called and told me of the tagging! This will be fun! I'm enjoying getting to know you through your blog. Thanks for sharing! :)