Monday, December 8, 2008

The Picture Says it All

I cut 4 or 5 inches. The great hope is less peanut butter in her hair at breakfast. Did she sit still? No, not at all. Although I think, in her 3 year old way, she tried very hard.

A few random things:

Bretty, you would be so proud of me! I declined the neighbor's generous offer for free, freshly acquired water fowl. Saved you hours of plucking feathers!

Brett and I had a great time in Bellevue this weekend. We just can't quite bring ourselves to buy anything at Bellevue Square though ... something unsatisfactory about the prices. We do think we did a good job fitting into the snappy scene at the Westin. I refrained from soluting the nice valet parking man that kept opening the door for us ... he really looked like an officer with the hat and coat he was wearing. We went to Mars Hill Bellevue for church. We got to hear the most excellent sermon by DA Carson, who was visiting for the weekend. Have any of you read any of his books?

Why is it that buying a double tall toffee nut no-foam latte at Starbucks is not getting old? Every time it's an anticipatory, celebrated event in my small life. It really makes me want to be a part of their marketing team.

We're having the company party at our house on Saturday night. Not all of the employees at St. Joseph Hospital ... we didn't have enough forks for that. Just the PACU staff and a few others here and there that Brett invited. We're excited!

And just for the record, I'm missing my brother very much.


Peter & Jessica said...

Wow! You made it to Bellevue two years in a row! I'm glad you could do it! We're gonna have to try it some December. Going to Mars Hill was a great idea and makes us jealous. :o)

tara said...

I know what you mean about your favorite Starbucks drink and how going there and ordering it never gets old. I keep telling people, Starbucks gift cards are never a bad idea, even if it is the same gift they give me every is such a treat to go enjoy a nice hot espresso drink!