Saturday, December 6, 2008

You May Take Your Fun to the Closet

Mia came to me saying, "Mom, you really must come take Ania's picture. I've got her all set up in the closet." They love taking blankets, books, stuffies and food into the closet and shutting the door and hanging out for a while.

I figure that if they go voluntarily, without coercion of any kind, that it must be perfectly fine to keep your children in the closet.


Marie said...

Aaahh. And Pink puppy is in the closet, too. But you know I have to ask--does she "take her plate" to the closet, too? :O)

Kristine said...

Just with snacks, of course. Nothing sticky allowed in the closet. Sticky belongs in the dining room, of course!

Abbie said...

I LOVE that Mia came and asked you to take the picture! That's hilarious!! :)