Thursday, December 11, 2008

Books and the Economy

I have a new stack of books calling my name. The trouble is that they didn't come with frozen dinners to serve the family, so I'm not getting very far very fast. Some are for fun, some are for study. I haven't done a lot of "for fun" reading in the past handful of years, so I'm excited about those books. The one I started is about a Korean family and it has neat little insights into Korean culture. I'm also really excited about the Old Testament study books. I know there is so much more to the Old Testament than meets the eye and I'm excited to study under this man.
We filled up the gas tank on Brett's little red car today for ... $15.00. I thought I was 30 again!
Yesterday my mom's boss had to lay off one of the employees. He got a call around noon and was told that someone had to be gone by 5pm. How about waiting until Friday? No, today. This was the eighth store that had been told the same thing. The company is doing fine. Their store is turning good profits. It's all in preparation for the coming economic woes. Oh ... sorry, I let you think that my mom got laid off. No, she's still working! But it made her sad to see the other gal go. And I heard on the news today that a lot of companies are doing the same thing to be ready. I'm so thankful! For two things. One, that health care is pretty stable. And two, even more ultimate, that God is the provider for His children, which leaves us no cause for worry.
PS: We're really liking Third Day's Christmas album over here!
PSS: Can anyone tell my why on some posts I can leave space between paragraphs and why on other posts it WILL NOT let me leave a nice little space between paragraphs ... no matter how hard I try?? No, I'm not ticked about it.


marie said...

Wow, Lou, doesn't it make you hope that it really does snow all weekend so we can do nothing but curl up and read a good book? Sounds cozy and fun. Way to be reading!!

Kristine said...

Yes! I really want snow ...