Saturday, December 13, 2008

Finished with a Smile

Last year I brought a new book home from the thrift shop. It was a book that I had looked through at Barnes & Noble just the week before but couldn't quite bring myself to buy it. Twenty-five cents at the thrift store. Kaisha saw the title and said, "You bought this book because of us, right?" (meaning her, Collin, Alissa) The title is: Educating Your Gifted Child.

Don't worry. I haven't gone off the deep end thinking she is a cuter version of Einstien or anything. I just know that she's WAYYY smarter than the rest of us. She went from not reading, to reading at a 5th grade level in about 3 months. These days she reads a 100-200 page book every DAY. She can read out loud, with all the emotion of an actress, better than any of us.

One day she came to me and said, "Mom. Vuh-let (sounded out phonetically). Does it actually say valet (said properly), and is it French?" She spells big words like disgusting, mayonaisse, dictionary, revolution etc out loud, without needing to write them down.

About a month ago she decided that math was her new favorite subject. So we started spending a lot of time in math. I was curious if it would click for her like language subjects did. She proceeded to finish her entire year's math lessons in a month. She finished it yesterday. She gets it. She thinks more mathematically than any of the other kids did. So, here she is, in the picture, holding up her last page of first grade math.

If you have more than one child, you've been amazed at how different your own kids can be. I love how the Lord crafts each child so uniquely. I look forward to seeing each of them grow up and find a niche of their own and to see how the Lord uses them in ministry.


Marie said...

Way to go, Mia!!!! And what a cute, cute, cute picture of her. That smile says it all. You go, girl.

Amanda said...

GO MIA!!!!!!!!!! You are so smart! Good job! I am going to finish my math book today or tomorrow too!

Hannah said...

GO MIA!!!! YAY! i love math too, unless it gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list!!! grr..that's a nice problem this year! :) miss you all! way to go!